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Monday Minute 7.26.21

July 26, 2021

The Kirk sponsored 12 Kirk Tutor Students to Camp Skyline last week. For some of these kids, it's the first time they've gotten an opportunity to go to camp and for a few - the first time leaving the Detroit metro area. Not only did we pay the fee to camp for a week but we also purchased all the camping gear they would need including things like sleeping bags, pillows and bug spray. On Friday when we picked them up it was total delight seeing their happy faces and hearing their favorite stories about camp! A big thanks to all of you who help make this possible through your stewardship giving!

This past Sunday was our Director of Music, Glenn Miller's last Sunday at the Kirk. We will miss him dearly and wish him well in his next calling! He gave a farewell speech that you can view as part of our livestream by clicking the button below.

This Sunday as we honored and celebrated our Director of Music, Glenn Miller, the Chancel Choir was in full force with former and current members returning from all over. We are grateful to Glenn for his 23 years of service and leadership, and thank God for the legacy of beautiful music and worship that he has built with all of our choirs. We wish him well in his next ministry, and will miss him deeply!

After a safe return from the summer mission trip, families gathered together for a report dinner. Youth shared stories from the trip and we discussed how to continue the work we did here at home.

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