Church Officers


The Session is the governing body of the congregation and is made up of 19 Elders who serve for a three-year term (Youth Elder only serves a one-year term). Session is responsible for the oversight and direction of the life of the church, and works though committees in areas of personnel supervision, Christian Education, Communications, Communion, Membership, Music, Outreach, etc.


Kirk in the Hills has a board of 18 Trustees, elected for a three-year term. Trustees have major responsibilities in the areas of budget and finance, endowments and investments, property maintenance and insurance, personnel and legal affairs.


The Board of Deacons is comprised of 30 adult members who serve for a three-year term, and two youth members who serve for a one-year term. Deacons undertake ministries of care and compassion within and beyond the congregation.

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Get to Know our Church Leaders (2023)

Church Officers


Rev. Dr. Nathaniel D. Phillips, Moderator
Robert Beck, Clerk

Class of 2020
Kevin Brinks
Helen Campbell             
Don Guthrie
Alan Miller
Wendy Myers
Barbara (Bobi) Tallinger
Ryan Webb

Youth Elders (one-year term)
Melanie Costello
Anna Bickersteth 

Class of 2021
Helen Campbell
Nathan Conway
Jane Dittus
Kelley Klein
Keith Peters
Anita Pinson

Class of 2022
Tom Bustance
Bob Heuer                             
Heather Lorincz                         
Ruth Reading                         
Kimberly Shapiro             
Brian Sliwinski 


Suzi Artzberger, President
Andrew Clopton, Vice President
Kirk Effinger, Secretary
Jayne Dodge, Treasurer   

Class of 2020
Susie Artzberger
Tracee Glab
Joan Hanpeter
Beth Kerr                 
Phyllis Mazure
Andy Paulson
Lara Witte

Class of 2021
Larry Biehl
Karin Elias
Alana Glass
Christy Hay
Patrice Lockwood
Ford Meiser

Class of 2022
Mike Baird
Andrew Clopton
Kirk Effinger
Bob Everett
Scott File
Meg Lentz


Keely Marple, Moderator    
Jeanne Weaver, Vice Moderator
Bob O'Hara, Treasurer           
Julia Libcke, Secretary  

Class of 2020
Joanna Drukker
Ann Hartzell-Kneen
Catherine Klein
Julia Libcke
Keely Marple
Barbara Young Miller
Juli Musch
Beth Sova
Carolyn Wells

Youth Deacons (one-year term)
Adam Fischer               
Grace Phillips

Class of 2021
Claire Aboko-Venn
Michelle Anne
Rosemary Emerson
Hollie Eriksen
Terri Hanpeter
Sarang Kang
Steve McCollum
Marlene McCormick
Debbie McDowell
Bob O'Hara
Jeanne Weaver

Class of 2022
Jennifer Cruz
Denise Harris-Fiems
Ray Heald
Susan Heinrich
Edie Kuhn
Amy Maple
Dick Morris
Carolyn Steffen
Jennifer True
Vivian Yousif