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Bylaws of the Congregation

Session has updated the church Bylaws with help from a Task Force it appointed and outside legal counsel.  The Bylaws should be reviewed every five years and the last time they were changed by the congregation was in January of 2012.

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Room Reservation Request

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Photography Policy

Kirk in the Hills is a sacred place where we envision a world where every heart experiences God’s transforming love. We welcome all who share that vision and want to experience it first-hand. On a weekly basis, people from all over the world visit for their spiritual needs to worship, celebrate, marvel, mourn, and to serve. The importance of respect for the hallowed grounds on which the last gothic church built in the United States sits, cannot be stressed enough.

A major construction project will be commencing shortly. For liability reasons we are not allowing anyone to take professional or amateur photos on the church grounds in 2022 unless it is for a wedding taking place at the Kirk.

2022 Photography Policy

Children and Youth Safety Policy

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