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You will find a warm and welcoming place here at the Kirk! As we participate in worship, we experience and are reminded of God’s forgiveness, love, and presence. Empowered to love and serve others, discerning God’s purpose for our lives—ideally, we learn that everything in life should revolve around worship.

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Our Christian Formation ministries are meant to gather us as a flock and to be led by the shepherd. Someone once said, “God will meet you where you are, but he won’t leave you there!” We believe that the love of God is always at work in us and we hope to come alongside God’s work with our formation ministries. We hope to be a community that encourages prayerful petitions to God, welcomes inquiry-based Bible study, offers dynamic Sunday School classes, youth groups, mission trips, choirs, and creates robust small groups that make room for relationships that help us to grow in faith.

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Ours is a church that hopes to look beyond ourselves and out into the world. Our commitment to mission is a sign of how we seek God in our neighborhood and world. In one of Jesus’ most famous moments, he feeds the multitudes with five loaves and two fish. We hope to look beyond our own needs to do what Jesus and the disciples did—share our fish with the world. There are many organizations we partner with and so many ways to serve, click below to find opportunities to become involved!

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Children’s ministry at Kirk in the Hills is based on the following four core values: Relationships Anchor Us, Stories Shape Us, Rituals Define Us, and Service Grows Us. Our children’s ministry strives to foster loving and caring relationships within our families and across generations in our congregation and beyond. Such relationships exist within the context of telling each other stories of Jesus, our own faith stories and future stories of hope and love. We invite your family to come and experience the warmth of relationships, power of stories and transformative worship so that we can go out and serve our community together in love!

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Youth ministry at the Kirk provides a welcoming and affirming space for teens to grow in community and their faith. We are a group committed to responding to God’s love through worship, study, service, and play!

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At Kirk in the Hills, adult faith formation is fostered through meaningful and transformative relationship with God and one another. Every program is designed to strengthen our sense of belonging and identity. We offer a wide range of small groups, Bible studies, and classes taught by our members, pastors, and other excellent guest speakers throughout the year. We invite you to come and grow with us in your faith and love for God and one another!

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