Global Missions

Argentina Children's Network

Helping Children in Argentina Grow to be Happy, Healthy, and Productive

Argentina Children's Network was established to help children in need in the country of Argentina become all they can through the lens of the Christian faith. The organization focuses on improving the living conditions, family environment, mental and physical health, education, and happiness of these children.

In Batan, Pastor Octaviano Sarmiento and his wife, Suzanna, care for orphaned and abandoned children of all ages. They also provide shelter to women and their children who have experienced domestic violence.

Jann Lardo and her husband, Horacio, became inspired to create Argentina Children's Network once they sensed the hand of God touching the lives of these children.

Jann is the president of Argentina Children's Network. Since 2008, she and Horacio have helped shelter, nourish, and care for these children so they will become productive and faith-directed adults. They spend time with the children during the months of January, February, and March, mentor the older children, and provide stress education and career path choices with an emphasis on tutoring, literacy, computer, and English language skills.

For more information or to get involved, contact Kirk member and President of ACN, Jann Lardo.

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Seki Women’s Foundation

New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Pella Bono established the Seki Women’s Foundation in January 2004. She and volunteers cook and provide meals to more than 260 children and elderly three days a week, partly from the food garden they created.

In communities where poverty is rampant, they also provide home-based care to people living with HIV/AIDS who have been struck down by the disease and are unable to leave their homes.

Recently, the Kirk collected donations to provide hot meals for 90 kids and 250 adults. This is an on-going partnership that started during a trip to South Africa.

Mission Trips

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