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    From Famine to Flight: Dr. Ted Hiebert
    10.16.22 | Articles

    Egypt Documents the Earliest Israelites Topic: Key Biblical Finds through Archeological digs in Egypt Egypt provides us with the earliest documentation in ancient history for the existence of the people of Israel living in the land of...

      Lenten Art Series: Mission Partner on Homelessness
      03.27.22 | Articles

      With the theme of “Inward Journey Home” and using the frame of Stations of the Cross, our artists will explore and express what “home” means to them as we journey with Jesus toward the cross and resurrection this Lent and...

        22 for 2022
        02.28.22 | Volunteer

        22 for 2022- Service Hour Challenge EVERYONE is challenged to participate in 22 service hours in the year 2022! Volunteer opportunities and links to local organizations can be found on the Kirk website. Just like the November Service Challenge...