Mission-Driven Impact

As a community of faith, we remain grounded in our mission to be an outward-facing church, one that is ready and willing to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Christ. For over 25 years, Kirk in the Hills has been an active partner in ministry both globally and locally by providing tutoring, music programs, food, and more. Through our many partnerships, we have learned that meaningful ministry is relationship-driven and ever-evolving. To this end, we are committed to investing one million dollars from this campaign to support local, regional, and global mission efforts, with our commitment to Pontiac as a priority and a model.


Kirk in the Hills has built a legacy in Pontiac. Now, let’s build a house for pilgrimage and innovative mission—Kirk House for Mission. Based on the Pittsburgh Project and “The Center” in Baltimore, this new space would serve as a mission hub for service teams to come and serve in Pontiac on short-term mission experiences designed by the Kirk and our local partners. By establishing a physical footprint, we hope to make concrete our commitment to seeing this city flourish.

Expanding Our Reach

In this space, we envision the opportunity to house volunteers for extended periods of time to serve Pontiac in intentional community and outreach. Through their dedicated presence, we will be able to provide ongoing support and programs to children and families in our local and regional communities.

Welcoming Our Neighbors

We will welcome our neighbors with Christian hospitality through food, shelter, clothing, and more. This building can be used as a “warming shelter” in the colder months and provide a sorting space for food, clothing, and furniture collected by Kirk members. All efforts will be made in collaboration with our local mission partners.

Equipping Our Brothers & Sisters

The Kirk House would primarily serve as an equipping space for youth groups from across the nation to learn about our work in Pontiac and to serve alongside us and our ministry partners. In addition, this multipurpose space will host mission conferences, church retreats, and community-wide workshops. Through this space, we hope to foster innovative discussion around ministry and engage the community as the hands and feet of Christ.