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3-29-21 Update Letter #57 from Pastor Nate Phillips

by Pastor Nate Phillips on March 29, 2021

March 29, 2021
Dear Kirk family,
This Sunday was Palm Sunday and we remembered the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into the city - humble and riding on a donkey. The energy of the day must have been palpable. For the many that gathered on the Mount of Olives, with palms in hand, there was a great hope that Jesus might give them something they had never been able to attain for themselves. 
There’s had always been a saga of captivity - but God had a different idea for them.
As the sermon went,
“This is what those gathered on the Mount of Olives are there for.
They know that God has something better in mind for them.”
I believe that God has something better in mind for us too.
Every now and again we get a glimpse of what God hopes for - when some special glint of kindness, mercy, grace, or love arrives in our view and 
We live out glimpses of freedom in our life together.
Over the last year we have seen so many of those glimpses and I have tried to record them in this weekly letter. I am so proud of this church and how we have “stood tall when we couldn’t stand together.” This will be my last missive of this kind (at least for now!) but, if ever you are in need of inspiration, I invite you to visit our website and read through all of the letters … and relive the glimpses of what God has had in mind for us. 
After Easter, you will still receive a Monday email from the Kirk, but it will take on a new “slimmed down” format. I think you will really like it and I know it will help keep us connected!
This week, we got a glimpse of what God hopes for us in your response to our food drive collection. Not only have we seen a brilliant charge of food donations, Kirk members have also contributed over $3,500 for the youth to go on a food drive shopping spree. You can still make a donation by sending in a check to the Kirk with “food drive” in the memo line or by texting “fooddrive” to 73256. Our work is also inspiring partner church Starr Presbyterian and Kirk West (Fox Run) to make their own similar efforts.
Kirk West then gave us more of a glimpse of what God has in mind by pulling together in-person worship for residents there. They passed out palms to 135 individual apartments and then streamed the Kirk service together on Palm Sunday!
With that same intention - of reminding people of God’s idea for them - some of our small groups have adopted some of our Kirk Tutor families and will be delivering Easter Baskets to them this Saturday. In addition, as Alison Murphy continues to work with Baldwin Center once a month on a Family Fun Day, this month the Kirk is supplying all the supplies needed for these families to color Easter Eggs together and then fill their baskets with eggs and other fun treats!
Then all the way in Argentina, Jann Lardo, a Kirk member, was reminded of Maundy Thursday as she knelt down to measure feet and help match the children with the correct size just in time for the start of the school year. The Kirk has supported this ministry since 2012.
The “In Good Hands” art exhibit set our eyes on God’s purposes too. Our artists worked hard to set up for the “In Good Hands” Lenten art exhibition that opened on Sunday! Come and be inspired this week either in person or online. Also, Rhona Lee created a beautiful video clip using the Kirk as inspiration. It’s an ode to the Kirk! Watch here.
The youth continue to meet to remind one another of what God has in mind for them. Both middle and high school groups ended our lent Bible studies with prayer stations. Each station walked them through scripture, a reflection, and an action to help them experience prayer in a tangible way. 
The old Palm Sunday hymn begins, 
 “Ride on, ride on in majesty! Hark! all the tribes hosanna cry …”
They cried,
Which, of course, means “save us.”
May ours continue to be a community that joins the one that stood on the Mount of Olives two thousand years ago. May we also be yearning for God to release us from whatever holds us back … from whatever majestic thing he has in mind for us!
Stay warm,
Pastor Nate

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