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A Message from Clerk of Session

by Bob Heuer on June 24, 2022

To the Kirk Congregation,

Last month, the Session informed the Congregation that a delay had occurred in the arrival of Interim Pastor the Rev. Jeffrey Weenink due to issues which arose in the Presbytery of his current service.  The letter also stated that the IPSC would be reopening its search while we awaited further word on the possible resolution of those issues.

The Session writes now to inform the Congregation that the issues involving Rev. Weenink in the Presbytery of Southern New England, per Presbytery policy, keep him from coming to serve the Kirk as Interim Pastor. The IPSC, though disappointed, is moving forward, by God’s grace, reopening the search, interviewing candidates, and discerning the best candidate in prayerful discussion.

The Session appreciates the IPSC’s faithfulness and commitment in this search process. The Session also asks the Congregation’s on-going prayers for the IPSC as they seek God’s will in this process.

Bob Heuer
Clerk of Session


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