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Monday Minute 4.26.21

by Pastor Nate Phillips on April 26, 2021

The Kirk's Ministry with Pontiac delivered cookies made by Ellen's Bakery to Dr. Powell, Principal at Walt Whitman to help brighten the staff's day. The cookies shaped like apples, pencils and school busses were not only beautiful, but tasted delicious as well.

Some of our Kirk Tutor families visited the Kirk this past weekend. They filled their cars with toys, books, clothing and household items donated by Kirk members.

Baptism, known as an “outward sign of God’s inward grace,” is another great reminder that we don’t have to pretend with God. In every baptism, we are visibly reminded of God’s gracious work of lifting us up whenever we feel “underwater.” On Sunday April 25th we had another “Covid safe” service of baptism! Also, if you missed this past Sunday’s sermon you can watch it here!

Oboist Merideth Hite Estavez was our featured artist in this past week’s Musical Moment. The link to the Musical Moment is found here.

As a part of Earth Day celebration the high school youth group spent time connecting with nature by prepping the garden for Garden Club this summer. Clearing dead brush invited conversations about allowing parts of lives to die in order for new growth to occur. 

Our Foster Care Committee invited our small groups to donate various items to make 20 care packages for foster care youth who are part of the Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative (MYOI) and our small groups responded! Our Foster Care Committee got together last Monday to assemble the care packages to be delivered this week to our faster care youth! Way to go small groups and thank you, Foster Care Committee!

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