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Monday Minute 8.2.21

August 02, 2021

The collaboration between the Kirk and Micah 6 really made a powerful impact on one woman by the name of Michelle Spitalsky. Michelle volunteered at the Micah 6 dinner in June. She was so moved by hearing the story about two young boys who had just lost their Mom the same day they came to the Micah 6 service/ dinner that she shared it on social media. People asked if they could help. They donated toys, clothing, and bikes. In fact one woman donated all the meat for the July Micah 6 dinner! In all she collected a two car garage full of clothing donations, at least a dozen big boxes of toys, and 22 bikes!! Michelle's story offers a great example of how God can use one person to move many!!

Kirk West recently filled the Kirk van with clothing donations to support Oakland Hope; a non-profit organization selling gently used clothing and household items to provide free groceries to Oakland County residents in need.
Anyone who would like to donate items to Oakland Hope can get more info at or call 248-309-3658.

If you missed yesterdays Sermon on The Lord's Prayer: Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors. Click here!

It’s a wrap!! The youth choirs worked hard all last week on singing, dancing and dialogue, to put scenes together for the pre-recorded portion of It’s Cool in the Furnace.
We finished recording on Friday, and now we look forward to next week when we put it all together!

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