The Effective Salary includes your cash salary and housing allowance; you will determine the division between the two. Our community offers countless options for housing to fit your family’s needs. We will gladly provide any additional information you may desire.

In addition to the Effective Salary, we will also provide full participation in the Board of Pensions benefits (i.e., medical, pension, death/disability and temporary disability) and reimbursement for social security. 

Additionally, we will reimburse reasonable travel, professional expenses and continuing education costs as incurred. The specific parameters of these reimbursements, which are in addition to the above Effective Salary, will be established during our interviewing process.

Some pastors choose to set up Salary Reduction Agreements, in which a portion of Effective Salary is placed in reimbursable accounts to provide non-taxable benefits, additional retirement savings, etc.. Realizing that each pastor’s situation is different, we will be happy to discuss establishing such arrangements at your request.

We understand that compensation is an important part of your consideration and unique to each individual.  We will be pleased to discuss your particular situation and consider options that best address your needs.

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