The Kirk Today
The Kirk Today

The Kirk is an active member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Synod of the Covenant, and Presbytery of Detroit, and is engaged in numerous mission and denominational efforts. Several pastors, staff and members are presently serving at various levels of our connectional church. Founded as a mission of our presbytery, we look forward to serving together in our shared future.


Financial Status

The Kirk has multiple endowment and pooled investment accounts that total approximately $30 million. The bulk of the endowment funds help cover expenses associated with the building and grounds.  The Kirk’s annual operating budget is funded from three sources: annual pledges, certain endowment allocations and other member donations/earned income. Like many churches post pandemic, there have been membership and giving challenges that have impacted the budget and make cost management initiatives important. The Holy Cow survey found that community demographics and the giving capacity of the Kirk congregation was greater than existing levels. Member retention and membership growth, especially among young families, are important areas of strategic focus. The Kirk has no debt.  A recent capital campaign raised $4 million for a blend of worship, mission, formation and campus related investments. 

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