The Ideal Candidate
The Ideal Candidate

As an important part of the Kirk’s transition to its next called Senior Pastor and Head of Staff, Session tasked the Strategy Committee to conduct a comprehensive self-study.  The committee engaged Holy Cow Consulting who provided invaluable interpretive and organizational support.  500 Kirk members responded to the congregational survey representing a significant portion of our membership.  The committee also facilitated over 20 Congregational Conversations where approximately 250 members and 30 community leaders provided feedback.  This combined work resulted in a comprehensive Self Study report that will be available to candidates as the search process progresses.  We know that God has already identified the next Senior Pastor and Head of Staff for the Kirk.  With the Self Study findings providing the foundation for mutual discernment, we know that pastor and the Kirk will successfully find one another and move forward together.

Here are the abilities, characteristics and traits in the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff we are seeking:

Critical Abilities of Senior Pastor (Ranked in descending order by 500 Kirk respondents to Holy Cow survey)

  1. Preaching
  2. Strategic Leadership
  3. Pastoral Care
  4. Change Management
  5. Teaching
  6. Negotiation/Conflict Management
  7. Administration
  8. Community Engagement


Desired Candidate Characteristics or Traits:

  1. Love of Jesus Christ
  2. Leader with a “servant’s heart”
  3. Student and teacher of scripture
  4. Excellent preaching, verbal and written communication skills
  5. Inquisitive, thoughtful, continuous learner
  6. Strategist who can envision, secure buy-in and lead change
  7. Empathetic, listens to understand 
  8. Decisive, makes decisions with speed, clarity and courage, not a procrastinator
  9. Mentally strong and self-confident but with self-awareness and a managed ego
  10. Catalyst, coach, team builder
  11. Comfortable with opposing views, working through conflict and willing to say no
  12. Centralist with the ability to lead a theologically diverse congregation that leans center right
  13. Drives to succeed with a strong work ethic, but knows to balance work and home 
  14. Desires to engage in the broader community
  15. Supportive spouse (if applicable).

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